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Use the Adafruit MCP4725 with a Raspberry PI, in Java Raspberry PI
Send an analog signal

The board we are talking about here is this one.

We assume you've enabled I2C on the Raspberry PI.

What this demo does

The Raspberry PI is sending a sinusoid signal to the led, and as a result, the led is glowing up and down, and not just blinking on and off.


MCP4725Raspberry PILED
VDD1. 3V3 VDC Power
GND6. 0V (Ground)Short pin (ground)
SDA3. SDA0 (I2C)
SCL5. SCL0 (I2C)
VOUTLong pin, through a 270 Ω resistor
Raspberry PI P1 Connector map


Launch the script located in the DAC directory, named run.

 Prompt> ./run
And here is what it could look like:


Oliv did it